"The most important thing is the money you have saved us – thousands upon thousands…."
Jim & Elin Nevin, Inn-on-the-Wye, Ross, Herefordshire
"I consider our project with the Bowden group to have been a complete success, and you can quote me on that!"
David Gosden, Wellington Hotel, Brecon & Elm Hotel, Wembley, London
"I have found his advice invaluable over the years; you would find him a very useful person to have around"
Sheena Town, The King’s Head, Syresham, Northants
"I knew I needed a mentor when I took on the business and I knew that I would pay for that but what I didn’t realise was just how much money you ended up saving me"
Peter Tulley, The Fountain Inn, Gloucester
"The best decision I ever made in my business life was getting you in to help us"
J Jones, St Mary’s Hotel and Leisure Club, South Wales
"By taking a good look at the business from outside he was able to see things I was doing wrong, and extra sales came in almost instantly"
Ryan Cox, Camino Restaurant, Abingdon
"He is there every step of the way, every time I call whether it’s for advice, a pricing issue or just to tell him a new idea… I cannot recommend the Bowden Group highly enough…"
Matthew Horne, Caesar’s Bistro, Broadstone, Dorset
"There is no doubt that the work you have undertaken with us has shown material benefits and the improvements are continuing to flow through the business"
John Steven, Wykeham Restaurant Group, Plymouth
"All the costings and work you did are now fully in place and working extremely well. Thank you for your expertise and direction"
Ed Baines, Randall & Aubin, Soho
"My advice to Chefs and Restaurateurs is to concentrate on what you do well and leave the rest to specialists…..   Everyone needs a David Hunter behind them"
Nathan Outlaw, Nathan Outlaw Restaurants, Rock, Cornwall