He is there every step of the way, every time I call whether it’s for advice, a pricing issue or just to tell him a new idea… I cannot recommend the Bowden Group highly enough…

Matthew Horne
Caesar’s Bistro, Broadstone, Dorset

By taking a good look at the business from outside he was able to see things I was doing wrong, and extra sales came in almost instantly

Ryan Cox
Camino Restaurant, Abingdon

I knew I needed a mentor when I took on the business and I knew that I would pay for that but what I didn’t realise was just how much money you ended up saving me

Sheena Town
The King’s Head, Syresham, Northants

What can I say – Thank you so much for saving my bacon

Michael Elphick (‘’Boon’’)
Hotel Lease Owner

A year later and the controls are still very much in place and margins maintained

John Jackson
Director Restaurants & Nightclubs

What I wanted was for someone to handle the things I couldn’t do myself – resolving the more difficult issues to do with the operation, its profitability and the people working within it ….. you do that for me excellently …

M Riaz
One Rosette Restaurant owner

You have managed, as no one else has, to get the commitment of the managers. They respect you and listen to you. They are motivated by you and inspired by you. You can achieve great things with them as you have their total support in all that you want them to achieve

Chairman of group of 6 rosette-level Restaurants and Inns

– every month was the same, LOSS, LOSS, LOSS. The business was busy so where were we going wrong?

Finally we decided to call David. He identified the problems, showed us how to maximise our GP, minimise our costs and put the business back on track. Together we have worked hard on all aspect of the business, from the bare roots through to the look of the restaurant.

But it’s not just one call, one meeting and David’s gone. He is there every step if the way, every time I call whether it’s for advice, a pricing issue or just to tell him of a new idea. It’s his support and hard work that has helped me to turn the business around and I genuinely believe without his hard work and help we wouldn’t still be in business.  Without doubt making that call was the best decision I ever made in business! And now I can look forward to a bright future!

Matthew Horne
Bistro Owner