At the Bowden Group we specialise in providing Catering Consultancy for owners and operators of hospitality businesses.

Our core objective is always to ensure positive returns & sustained profits. Therfore we utilise a number of different methods and tools obtained from 30+ years’ experience directly in the catering industry to achieve results quickly.

The Bowden Group are based in the heart of Buckinghamshire and we provide our Catering Consultancy services nationally. We have clients all over the UK and will regularly travel to work closely with them. Wherever you are in the UK and whatever type of hospitality business you run we can help you by identifying the areas in need of improvement. Following this, we will work with you and your team to implement the necessary changes and improvements.

We have provided Catering Consultancy to hundreds of hospitality businesses over the years, helping them to become more profitable, you can see what they say about us here.

We offer a completely free no obligation one-to-one or telephone conversation to make an initial assessment of your needs.

Please call 01628 487613 or email us for an informal and FREE evaluation to see how we can help improve your profits

At some time we have worked on all of these issues:


We use our experience to ensure that your business retains as much of your hard earned revenue as possible. We analyse your operation and your figures and then help you reduce food and liquor costs and control your overheads, the largest of which is usually wages.

  • Full ‘Profit & Loss’ Analysis and Corrective Measures
  • Liquor Management & Liquor Gross Profit %s
  • Food Management & Food Gross Profit %s
  • Payroll Controls – analysis of ideal expenditure
  • Food & Beverage Management
  • Internal Stock Controls
  • Menu Management
  • Stock Management and Stocktaking Interpretation
  • Purchasing
  • Financial Business Management
  • Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Control of Variable Costs

Managing People

Our speciality is sorting out difficult situations, from particular employees who are causing you grief to radical re-organisation. We help you to manage the people you employ – from managers right through to service and kitchen staff. We have a good record in avoiding costly industrial tribunals.

  • Managing Managers
  • Managing ‘Difficult’ People Situations
  • Operational Planning
  • Management Structure
  • Human Resources Processes
  • Manpower Planning Studies – wage level reviews
  • Management Training
  • Management Development
  • Setting & Reviewing Objectives
  • Customer Service Ethos
  • Recruitment


Every hospitality business wants to increase sales but for this to be effective it is vital that you have the right product for your target markets. We help you to maximise the opportunities in your business, make effective marketing plans and spend your limited marketing budget wisely.

  • The Marketing Plan
  • Competition Analysis
  • Room Revenue Maximisation
  • Lead Generation Options
  • Online Opportunities
  • Image Design
  • Interior design
  • Photography
  • Advertising
  • Telemarketing
  • Database Management
  • Public Relations
  • Quality Audit & Mystery Diner Programmes