So what is Sprowts

Sprowts enables you to have the type of controls in your business that the big companies have in their Head Offices.

It is those controls that ensure that those big companies make profit … and we all know that they do.

After WE have helped you to benchmark your business … ie to agree what the Food GP% should be … agree what the Liquor GP% should be … and agree what the Wages should be … Sprowts will help you to ACHIEVE those targets … by measuring how you are doing every week.

Of course it is more clever than that … it also looks at the medium and long term results achieved … and it prompts you what to do next.

AND … if you really get stuck, you will have access to David Hunter of The Bowden Group to advise you personally.


Sprowts Features
  • Medium and long term results

So … how does Sprowts work … what does it actually do …

What you will do is to log on to your private (passworded obviously) section of the Sprowts Website at the end of every week, and you will input various bits of information … like Sales, Purchases, Covers served, Wages information etc etc.

Sprowts will prompt you to make sure you don’t forget anything.

The ‘’hamster on the wheel’’ behind the website then processes that information that you have put in, and … virtually instantly, gives you a no-nonsense summary of how you did that week, and how you are doing generally.

If you are operating below the targets that you have agreed, Mr Sprowt will tell you … and we are always there to help you further if needed.

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