Do you own a restaurant, pub or hotel and want to make it more profitable?

The Bowden Group is a hospitality consultancy that can help. We’ve been in the business for over 30 years and have helped countless restaurants, pubs and hotels increase their profits through consulting services. We know what works because we’ve seen it work time and again.

Our managing consultant, David Hunter, will sit down with you one-on-one to discuss your goals so he can come up with an effective plan of action for your establishment.

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What does a Hospitality Consultancy do?

A hospitality consultancy has one simple aim: helping your business grow and succeed.

As a hospitality consultancy we work with restaurants, pubs and hotels and ultimately specialise in Profitability and maximising that aspect of the business.

Focussing heavily on Gross Profit Margins and Labour costs, we also look at all other elements that affect the overall Profit. For example a (heavily-abbreviated) summary of our key focus areas might be:

SALES – so we would get involved in Marketing

FOOD GROSS PROFIT – which is the relationship between the Cost and Selling prices


WAGES / LABOUR COSTS – very much the biggest ‘’trouble-maker’’, in profitability terms, and often the hardest to resolve


  • RENT / RATES etc – negotiable but usually fixed for long periods.  If too high can simply make the business irretrievably unviable
  • UTILITIES – always need controlling
  • MARKETING – it is just too easy to spend too much,or to spend it unwisely with inadequate returns. Expenditure needs careful thought and strategic planning
  • CLEANING MATERIALS – are often overused, abused, over ordered and under-controlled
  • LAUNDRY – too easily overused and overspent, needs ongoing challenging
  • MAINTENANCE – there is a big difference between Maintenance and Capital Expenditure, we need to be very clear which is which, and how Planned and predictable Maintenance is
  • COST OF BORROWING – One of the biggest reasons for financial failure is borrowing too much, usually in the first place to buy / set up / improve the business.  We are here to generate profits, for whatever reason, and going out of business due to over-borrowing is a waste of precious time and precious money


Over the last 30+ years, I have worked closely with our clients to help them improve their hospitality business. By setting objectives and achieving milestones together, we aim to make businesses more profitable by improving financial competencies while also making operations better for all involved at each level of clientele.

The Bowden Group offers expertise in all aspects of hospitality consulting. Whether you are setting up a new venture, own an established business or manage multi-site properties, using our hospitality consultancy services can save your company money and increase revenue.

With more than 30 years in the industry, my role is primarily to assist owners and operators of Restaurants, Pubs and Hotels and other leisure businesses to ”Return to Profit”, to ”Improve their Profitability”, or to increase their Sales.

I developed the Bowden Group GP% Calculator which is an easy-to-use FREE GP% Calculator allows you to make sure that you get the right GP% on all your Menu items. Also, I developed SPROWTS which stands for Sales & Profitability Weekly Tracking System which you can find out more about here:


Please get in touch for an informal and FREE evaluation to see how we can help improve your profits. This will help you to decide whether a hospitality consultancy is right for you.

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