Bowden Group specialist Hotel Consultancy

The Bowden Group provide specialist consulting services for owners and operators of hotels.  Utilising over 30 years of experience gained directly in the hospitality sector we deliver unique and effective solutions to help you maximise your profits. Over the last 30 years we have worked with dozens of different businesses the hotel industry. We will be able to BENCHMARK your business and set viable and achievable targets to help you meet the level of profitability you require. We work closely with business owners, managers and chefs to identify areas for improvement and implement changes quickly.

With our expert knowledge we can assist individuals if they need specific development, and we can devise and deliver training courses specifically targeted at the hotel’s needs.

There are three main areas we focus on when providing mentoring, to find out more please click the appropriate button:

Why Choose the Bowden Group for Hotel Consultancy

We are experts at analysing profit & loss accounts in detail and usually this is the first step to understanding how your business is performing. We then talk through our findings with you and lay out a plan to help improve your business.

History shows us that telling someone how to fix a problem and then walking away does not end up in successful change. Our flexible approach aims to agree on a process which will mean US making sure that YOU are able to make the changes, with US monitoring progress.

Monitored Progress

Fast Results

30+ Years Experience

Regular Meetings

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Sales and Marketing

Understating every aspect of your business is paramount to a successful turnaround. Its important we asses every aspect of how your rooms are marketed and how they perform. Here are some of the important things we measure to achieve this:

  • Number of rooms / beds sold
  • Occupancy percentage
  • Average room rate achieved
  • Average bed-night rate achieved
  • REVPAR  … Revenue achieved per available room
  • Forward bookings
  • Discount policy
  • Percentage of accommodation revenue sold by OTAs
  • Commissions paid for that OTA accommodation income
  • Complimentary rooms
  • Time taken (and this cost of) servicing a bedroom

Food and Beverage Gross Profit

When looking at food and drink there are numerous factors we can look at that can make a big difference. Here are some of the key things we look at:

  • Covers served per meal session
  • Average spend per head
  • Average spend as above on food
  • Average spend as above drinks
  • Numbers of covers sold on special & fixed price menus
  • Wine list (size, range, glasses offered)
  • Pricing strategies behind all wines and other drinks

Wages and Costs

When looking at wages and other business costs we look at the following information

  • RENT / RATES etc  …  negotiable but usually fixed for long periods.  If too high can simply make the business irretrievably unviable
  • UTILITIES  …  always need controlling
  • MARKETING  …  it is just too easy to spend too much, or to spend it unwisely with inadequate returns. Expenditure needs careful thought and strategic planning
  • CLEANING MATERIALS  …  are often over-used, abused, over ordered and under-controlled
  • LAUNDRY  … too easily overused and overspent, needs ongoing challenging
  • MAINTENANCE  …  there is a big difference between Maintenance and Capital Expenditure, we need to be very clear which is which and how planned and predictable Maintenance is
  • COST OF BORROWING … One of the biggest reasons for financial failure is borrowing too much  …  usually in the first place to buy / set up / improve the business.  We are here to generate profits  …  for whatever reason  …  and going out of business due to over-borrowing is a waste of precious time and precious money

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