Here you will find a collection of articles we have written, or found on a variety of news sites that we think you will find informative and useful.  Please do contact us if you would like any more details on the areas covered.

Catering Industry re-opening profitability after Covid-19

Getting through Covid-19 and re-opening profitably afterwards

Yes, I know that I have made a point about opening PROFITABLY. That was very deliberate. There is a huge amount of advice and discussion elsewhere about the health and hygiene aspects of re-opening after Covid-19 and with particular emphasis on social distancing. BUT, unless there is at least a tangible sign of being able…

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Post Brexit Survivability for the Hospitality Sector

There will clearly be some impact of Brexit on the Industry, and common consensus it that that will be felt mainly in terms of: 1. Higher food cost prices, leading to higher menu prices 2. Higher cost of labour, also leading to more expensive drinks and food dishes Personally, and talking from experience, I do…

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Staying Relevant – Eat. Drink. Sleep.

I read this hospitality article last week with great interest: In the sixties, there were generally only hotel dining rooms to eat in. Even Chinese restaurants were still very few and far between. Nowadays the choice is very much greater, even in the smaller towns and villages. London and other major cities obviously have…

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10 Steps to Working with a Hospitality Mentor or Consultant

If you are a new business owner in the hospitality sector, there may come a time in your entrepreneurial journey when you feel that external help may be needed. Rather than carrying on by yourself, the support, mentoring and advice of a hospitality consultant can make a difference to your overall success and profitability. You…

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4-day Week – Is the F&B Sector Ready?

Not too long ago, the Big Hospitality Magazine ran a story about a restaurant that went from a 5-day week to a 4-day Week. This was not done as an austerity exercise as the move to the reduced days was implemented with no changes or negative repercussions to staff wages. The article made it clear…

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