The most important thing is the money you have saved us – thousands upon thousands – they were clearly out of control. Please just keep the pressure up and the results will continue to improve

Will Tompkins
owner 2 Panamanian-style restaurants

Thanks for your guidance during an interesting yea

Peter Thomas
Business Director

It certainly helped give me additional insights into the Restaurant business and what we need to do to ensure that the financial side achieves the same success as the creative side

Roger Blackburn
Restaurant Owner

You were truly inspirational. After your initial visit, I woke up in the middle of the night dreaming about Profit Margins, Wage costs, Portion Control and Profitability

Richard Harris
Entrepreneur developing new dining concept

Thanks for your expertise, and your commitment to Country Bakery, and to myself

David Leeper
Management Consultant

With eternal gratitude for being a real part of our team, and showing us the way

Paul Green
Director of Wholesaler of Catering Equipment

How great it is that you have picked up on both the big picture and the detail. We are supremely grateful

Leisure Industry plc
Chairman of leisure industry plc

I regard The Bowden Group as an insurance policy. If you are around, we can be sure of continued success and better profitability

M Balfour
Foodservice Group Managing Director