– every month was the same, LOSS, LOSS, LOSS. The business was busy so where were we going wrong?

Finally we decided to call David. He identified the problems, showed us how to maximise our GP, minimise our costs and put the business back on track. Together we have worked hard on all aspect of the business, from the bare roots through to the look of the restaurant.

But it’s not just one call, one meeting and David’s gone. He is there every step if the way, every time I call whether it’s for advice, a pricing issue or just to tell him of a new idea. It’s his support and hard work that has helped me to turn the business around and I genuinely believe without his hard work and help we wouldn’t still be in business.  Without doubt making that call was the best decision I ever made in business! And now I can look forward to a bright future!

Matthew Horne
Bistro Owner

I consider our project with the Bowden group to have been a complete success, and you can quote me on that!

Jim & Elin Nevin
Inn-on-the-Wye, Ross, Herefordshire

All the costings and work you did are now fully in place and working extremely well. Thank you for your expertise and direction

Ed Baines
Randall & Aubin, Soho

My advice to Chefs and Restaurateurs is to concentrate on what you do well (which in my businesses is the cooking) and leave the rest to others.

We use David Hunter of The Bowden Group to look after the numbers.  He produces the budgets, monitors and challenges performance every single week (especially Sales, Food GP%, Liquor GP% and Wages) and keeps us on target  –  he’ll highlight it very very quickly if we are not on track.  He keeps up with HR stuff, which changes so often, and keeps an objective eye on the business.

Everyone needs a David Hunter behind them

Nathan Outlaw
Nathan Outlaw Restaurants, Rock, Cornwall

The best decision I ever made in my business life was getting you in to help us

I knew I needed a Mentor when I took on the business, and I knew that I would pay for that, but what I didn’t realise was just how money you might save me – very many times what you cost.  So, it was an excellent investment – and probably my best …

Peter Tulley
The Fountain Inn, Gloucester

I consider our project with the Bowden group to have been a complete success, and you can quote me on that!

David Gosden
Wellington Hotel, Brecon & Elm Hotel, Wembley, London